Karuna Events Suggest Millennials Add Substance to the Workforce

Karuna Events work with Millennials on a daily basis and have identified some of the benefits these ambitious young people bring to today’s workplace.

According to Pew Research, the term ‘Millennials’ is given to 18 – 34 year old’s, also known as Generation Y. The group of 80 million people make up the largest generation since their parents, the aptly named ‘Baby Boomers.’ Defined as the first generation to not know life without the internet or personal tech devices, Millennials now make up a substantial portion of the current jobs market, and as Karuna Events have been discussing, they add many useful skills and habits to any workplace.

While there remains to be many negative generalisations of Millennials, the group often described as ‘entitled’ or ‘lazy’, the Watford-based event marketing firm believe they offer a great deal to any open minded, modern business.

Having a predominantly Millennial workforce, the company has revealed how their workers provide plenty of beneficial skills –  an essential characteristic being their hugely creative abilities. Millennials have proven to possess an innate ability to think outside the box, conjuring up new ideas and concepts at the drop of a hat, a result of the ever changing world they have grown up in.


In fact, Karuna Events believe millennials are not only gifted with creative talents but prove to be highly educated across the board. Most millennials have a degree, making them the most educated generation yet.  Furthermore, the firm believes the ‘impatient’ label they have been given, can be taken advantage of in the business environment. As the generation that has grown up with any piece of information at their fingertips, thanks to the World Wide Web, millennials prove to be tenacious in the workplace. Karuna Events has seen the positive results of this, with many of their modern workforce striving to find answers and get things done, as soon as physically possible.

The final and possibly biggest advantage of a millennial workforce, according to the marketing specialists, is the generations’ advanced understanding of technology. Using computers and smartphones is second nature, having been exposed to them since a young age. They were the first generation to have computer classes, and technology has always played a significant role in their lives. As technology takes on a bigger role in the workplace, Karuna Events believe having tech-savvy workers is vital to the smooth sailing of any business.

Karuna Events is an event marketing firm based in Watford, specialising in delivering personalised marketing campaigns which allow the clients they represent the opportunity to engage directly with their customers. The company is eager to offer opportunities to fresh young talent, millennials who may be overlooked by other businesses which they believe is a mistake as this generations’ ambitions and attitudes make them ideal suitors to their business. Karuna Events will continue to support and mentor up and coming entrepreneurs. Committing to the personal development of local talent, the firm is confident they can shape the future, and improve opportunities for all.




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