Karuna Events plans incentive for NYC trip

Karuna Events recently announced that they would be heading to New York later this year to attend the prestigious sales awards. To motivate the team and promote healthy competition, the firm’s Managing Director Ausra Mazonaite revealed that she would be launching an incentive, which will see the firm’s two leading sales people attend the trip. 

As a determined firm that consistently strives for success, Karuna Events believes in the importance of promoting healthy competition and camaraderie within their workforce.

When implemented correctly in the workplace, healthy competition increases productivity and encourages individuals to take pride and ownership in their work. It also motivates a team to have a shared stake in furthering a business’s goals and objectives.

Karuna Events’ Managing Director, Ausra Mazonaite regularly offers her workforce incentives to boost morale, promote camaraderie and motivate the team to reach their full potential. Ausra Mazonaite recently revealed the details of her latest incentive scheme, which will send the firm’s two leading sales representatives to New York for this year’s Sales Awards.

The Managing Director believes that this trip will be a fantastic opportunity for the business to network with some of the world’s most revered figures in the sales and marketing industry. The trip will also act as an excellent professional development opportunity for the two lucky contractors, who will be given the chance to build their network with successful entrepreneurs, gain new perspectives and source fresh ideas.

Speaking on offering incentives to her workforce Ausra Mazonaite says “It’s crucial to find the right balance between teamwork and healthy competition as it encourages people to put their best foot forward and work hard to achieve the end goal, which in this case is winning a trip to New York. This trip will not only be a fantastic opportunity for the two people who attend, but also for the company as a whole as it will strengthen our position in the market and give us an insight into how some of the industry’s most successful entrepreneurs conduct their businesses.”

Karuna Events are a Watford-based event marketing firm that specialises in delivering personalised marketing campaigns that allow the clients they represent to engage directly with their customers.


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