Karuna Events - lessons learned from footballers

“Entrepreneurs Can Learn a Lot from Professional Footballers” explains Karuna Events

During a recent meeting, Karuna Events’ Managing Director Ausra Mazonaite made the comparison between how the daily routine of professional footballers is similar to that of successful entrepreneurs.

Ausra Mazonaite then revealed how Karuna Events actively aims to apply these principles to their development strategy and how this leads to success.

To stay at the top of their game, professional footballers must adopt a regimented and disciplined routine that ensures their optimum physical and mental wellness.

Footballers have to train every day, maintain a healthy diet and appreciate the importance of teamwork.


The managing director was intrigued by the similarities between what it takes to be a professional footballer and a successful entrepreneur and set out to investigate how Karuna Events can use these principles to become leaders in their field. She stated that entrepreneurs should learn the following lessons from footballers to increase their chances of success:


Underdogs shouldn’t lose faith – In the highly competitive sales and marketing industry, it is easy to feel like a small fish in a large pond. However, by staying focused on the end goal and having a high self-belief, Ausra states that it is possible to achieve anything. At the start of the last Premier League season, Leicester’s chances of winning were 5000/1. They then went on to win, which Ausra Mazonaite believes is a prime example of what is achievable with hard work and determination.


Motivate – Even on a bad day – Football captains must demonstrate strong leadership skills from the offset. Having the ability to console and motivate their team after a loss or ignite the competitiveness needed to defeat their opponents, are all skills that require exceptional leadership qualities. It is important for entrepreneurs to develop these qualities to ensure consistency, even on the days when their own motivation is dwindling.


Do not give up and always give it 110 percent – Professional footballers are tenacious. They have the ability to bounce back fighting for the next game after a loss and arrive on the pitch with the same levels of determination and energy. Ausra Mazonaite believes that entrepreneurs must convey the same levels of tenacity to be successful, especially when the odds are against them or not looking good.


Based in Watford, Karuna Events is a leading event marketing firm that specialises in developing sales, brand and marketing campaigns for their clients. Speaking on why she thinks football analogies are useful to understanding the processes behind success, the firm’s Managing Director Ausra Mazonai says “Cristiano Ronaldo didn’t become one of the best footballers in the world by sitting around and giving up and the first obstacle. As entrepreneurs, we must learn from that and remember always to strive to be the very best in our field. This is something that I always promote at Karuna Events, and I’m extremely passionate about encouraging our workforce to be the very best.”



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