About us

Karuna Events, a startup firm in Watford, specialises in event marketing, a method that allows them to engage with their clients’ customers directly.
They represent their current clients using a number of event venues, including shopping centres, trade shows, fashion shows and train station displays. Prior to setting up the business Karuna Events conducted market research into how consumers respond to different types of marketing methods and channels. They found people respond better to in-person interactions, making this direct approach at events Karuna Events’s preferred choice of marketing. Not only is this method favoured by consumers, its generous interactions with prospects helps build trust between consumers and a brand, as well as adds value to their clients’ products or services.
At Karuna Events we work closely with our clients to ensure their customers get the most up to date services at a competitive cost. The determination and commitment we have for acquiring new customers is second to none. We strive to always go that extra mile to help our clients. Businesses outsourced to us because we are young, innovative, guarantee results and we get the job done with cutting edge sales techniques you won’t find anywhere else.
Our detailed sales presentations demonstrate the benefits of our clients’ product, generating new sales and enhancing long-term client retention. By gaining a competitive advantage in the marketplace, our sales and marketing campaigns produce the rapid, dramatic and continued success our clients are seeking.

Why us?

We are proven experts in developing original direct sales and marketing campaigns for a range of admirable brands. Our face-to-face approach boosts our clients' brand awareness and recognition.